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April The Giraffe Is Close!

So, my friend Trish asks me "Is this Giraffe supposed to give birth to a unicorn or something?"  She just doesn't understand all the April Mania because she lives on a farm and animals have babies quite often.  April IS getting close and she even has a sponsor now, "Toys are us".  You can take…

The Dog Ate What?

Vets4Pets is out with their annual list of the most unusual items swallowed by dogs 1 – Underwear of owner’s ‘non-partner’ 2 – Riding crop 3 – Carpet thread running from mouth to bottom 4 – Needle and thread 5 – Whole baked potato 6 – Rubber chicken (whole) 7 – Christmas tinsel 8 –…

Meet The Parents

This is how Mom/Dad will always see you. So, when you bring that special someone home for the first time to meet them, it's a big deal for them (and for you!).