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Party In A Bathrobe !

Those crazy kids in Lady Antebellum are at it again with the parody songs.  This time, having a little fun with Sam Hunt's "Body Like A Back Road".  Check out their version, they call "Party In A Bathrobe".  BTW, you can win tickets to Sam Hunt's show with us all this week on the Tanner…


No one can accuse Netflix of being shy about spending cash when it comes to talent for their original productions. The latest example? Will Smith and the movie, "Bright."

You Put WHAT On Your Face

Just when you think you've heard it all when it comes to women and their beauty products, comes the news of yesterday. Ladies are now using "snail secretion" to tighten lines and smooth skin.

Biggest First Date Deal Breakers

A new survey by a popular dating site asked 2,000 singles their thoughts on everything from small talk to emoji usage to first date deal breakers.  One of the things that didn't make the list is politics. (we were kinda surprised by that). Here are the top three first date deal breakers: 3) being rude…

10 Things That Will Turn Off A Woman Immediately

Dating these days can be tough, and that first time you meet, it can be HUGE!  So how do you get through it?  Well guys, try not to have any of these things going on the first time yall meet! What are the biggest turn-offs for any women? 10 Things That Will Turn Off A…