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Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-Fallen Hero 1/19/18

"Celebrity Dirt" gives us a little FYI about a "Royal Rule" we were unaware of.  Officer Mike Doty was killed in the line of duty this week.  It's been a while, but "Something You Can Hang Your Hat On" was brought back to pay proper tribute.  "Smartest..." has another average woman stat that points out…
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Woman Claims She's Lived 102 Years Thanks To Chocolate?

What is the key to a long life?  Well according to Eunice Modlin of Boonville, Indiana, who recently turned 102 years old this week, the key may be very simple.  When it comes to living a long life it's what she might have stayed away from, and what she made sure to do every day!…

Jason Aldean Announces New Tour and Album !!

New baby  and new era for Jason Aldean!  He has announced his plans for his next project and tour.  He will have Luke Combs and Lauren Alaina along with him.  The name of the album is "High Noon Neon Tour" named from "bars he grew up playing in".