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Taking Dead Aim-From Poa Annua To Kikuya 2/17/18

"Where are we now on the PGA Tour season?" with's "Eye on Golf," Kyle Porter.  Ron Green Jr. of The Global Golf Post and Charlotte Observer reports on last week at Pebble and this week at Riviera.  And Speaking of Riviera, a past conversation from Riv with CBS Golf's Gary McCord.
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How Does Eric Church Like His Bloody Mary?

When it comes to a Bloody Mary, some like them strong, some like them spicy, but Eric Church likes them a certain way.  But how is that?  According to Rolling Stone, he says he dislikes when a bartender makes it look like a 'foo foo' drink. "Just make a Bloody Mary hot. I don't get…

Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-Captain Country 2/16/18

Captain Kirk going country?  Details in today's "Celebrity Dirt."  Do you have any odd or strange good luck charms?  "Smartest Person..." tells of a purchase so expensive and exclusive it only happened a little more than 2000 times last year.  And in "Other News..." if you're like us, and headed to Myrtle Beach this weekend,…
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The Last Movie Star

Several years ago, Burt Reynolds was heralded for a "comeback performance" in the movie, "Boogie Nights." It was thought that he was an almost lock for an Academy Award.