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Cam Newton Walks Out Of Press Conference After Super Bowl 50 Loss

02/08/2016 at 8:14 | Posted by QCWriter // Staff Writer

A noticeably disappointed Cam Newton abruptly walked out of the Super Bowl 50 Post Game Press Conference last night.

Newton, bombarded with questions, did his best to answer reporters amid his frustration, however, as the Press Conference played on, it was evident that Newton was upset by the loss — And understandably so.

Newton apologetically admitted that the Denver Broncos played better than the Panthers last night. Beyond a few short responses, there wasn’t a whole lot left for Newton to mutter. And so, after a couple of minutes, Newton got up and walked out.

While fans and players alike are sad about the loss, it’s important to remember that we had an amazing season, and we are now setting our sights on winning the Super Bowl next year!

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