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New Music Showdown: Little Big Town vs Aubrie Sellers

10/24/2016 at 8:04 | Posted by BIG SEXY
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)
Photo Credit: (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

A new week and a new showdown.  Two brand new songs going head to head this week, and they really have two separate sounds.  You’ll hear exactly what I’m talking about every night around 7 PM in our New Music Showdown on The New 103.7.  Then come on back here and vote for the song you really like the most!

Little Big Town’s new song, “Better Man” is one song that a lot of folks, if not everyone, can relate too.  You know that guy that you could still be in love with and still be dating, if he could just get his act together.  Or that girl you’d still have, if you could of just got your act together?  It’s that song, and it’s great.

Aubrie Sellers new song “Sit Here And Cry,” is a breakup and heartbreak song, unlike most.  While most heartbreak songs are slower and sad, this one will have you stomping your boot and singing along.  It makes you realize that maybe a break up really isn’t that bad.

Check out both songs:

Little Big Town ” Better Man”

Aubrie Sellers “Sit Here And Cry”


So who gets your vote?


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