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Tanner’s Pets of the Week

12/06/2016 at 10:52 | Posted by Mike Rimmer // Staff Writer


Rudy arrived at the shelter about 3 weeks ago with bruises and wounds, he was underweight and very timid. Staff and volunteers have given him love, patience and a lot of attention to help him overcome his past experiences. These efforts have proven extremely helpful as he now greets people with a wagging tail and gives small kisses to his handlers. Everyone is so encouraged by these small improvements that he’s become a volunteer favorite.

Rudy is a pit bull terrier mix, about 3 years old and weighs 36 pounds. Volunteers recently took him to an outing at the Whitewater Center with other shelter dogs and he behaved very well, he was easy to walk, and he sat nicely in the car. He loves attention, he likes food but is not food-motivated, and he is not very energetic so will require minimal exercise. Being a smaller sized dog he will be a good companion for adults and families with older children. Rudy needs to be an only dog in the household. He also needs a family who is willing to go slow with him, understand his needs, time to become comfortable in his surroundings, and give him time to settle in. Come by and meet Rudy; after spending time with him, you’ll wonder how you lived without him.



Stormy is an adorable 4-month-old domestic shorthair kitten that weighs 3 pounds. This plucky little girl arrived here when she was just 8-10 days old after being rescued from a storm drain just prior to a big storm. She has been cared for since then in a foster home with a special needs puppy for a companion. She is a bit of a special needs cat herself having been born with an inverted sternum which makes her chest appear sunken. Fortunately, this hasn’t slowed her down a bit, and she is eager to share her joy, antics and love of life with her forever family. If you would like to meet this cute little charmer, contact her foster parent at and see if Stormy can convince you that you are meant for each other.

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