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Tanner’s Pets of the Week: Adopt Prince Or Julie

12/21/2016 at 11:32 | Posted by Willy J. // Staff Writer

WSOC-FM: Tanner’s Pets of the Week

CMPD Animal Care & Control

8315 Byrum Dr, Charlotte 28217

Call 311 for more info or visit the website at


Name: Prince

ID: A1115020

Breed Mix: Pit

Age: 2 years

Weight: 52 lbs

Sex: Male (will be neutered)

Date of Arrival:

Vaccinations: Has all required vaccinations

Has been microchipped

Prince is a 2-year-old pit bull terrier mix who weighs 52 pounds. He is young, handsome, and the most affectionate dog you will ever meet. He loves being close to his handlers, adores laying his head on your lap and is content just sitting at your feet so he can be next to you. But he has a playful side! Prince loves to chase the ball and will gladly roll over for belly rubs. He appears to be house trained, takes his treats gently from your hand and is eager to please. He does get a bit excited when he sees other dogs and will require dog-to-dog interaction. He may just be uncertain, but with time and patience, the chance to decompress he can do well in his new home. Prince will make a loving, devoted companion. He would love to meet you so come by and introduce yourself, let him sit at your feet, lean his head against you, and you may even be willing to give him a belly rub – he would love it!


Name: Julie

ID: 1107794

Breed Mix: Short Hair

Age: 1 year

Weight: 5 lbs

Sex: Spayed Female

Date of Arrival: 6/20/16 (Stray)

Vaccinations: Has all required vaccinations

Has been microchipped

Private Investigator

“I’m working undercover to keep an eye on you and your household. You may not even know you’re under surveillance. I can vanish into thin air if anyone or anything interferes with my investigation. If you need a cat who knows how to stay out of trouble and will always keep your secrets, I just might take your case.” Julie is at the Pet Supermarket in Dilworth as they host her stay out of the shelter. Head to their store to visit Julie! 1408 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203

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