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Don’t Listen Ladies!

12/29/2016 at 5:10 | Posted by tanner
rabiem22 via wiki media commons
Photo Credit: rabiem22 via wiki media commons

So here it is…the 12 stupid things every woman hears from her friends that are in relationships!


1. “Maybe you should just try not dating for a while.” No one would ever tell you this with jobs. “Oh, you can’t find your dream job? Maybe you should just be unemployed for a few years!” Cool advice.

2. “Have you been on Tinder? Everyone’s on there!” Pass.

3. “Let him find YOU.” I would but I’m pretty sure he’s asleep or doesn’t have GPS because that has not happened yet.

4. “You’re just being too picky.” You’re right. I should settle for “has a pulse” and “watches TV, any channel.”

5. “When you stop looking, you’ll find someone.” Let’s just accept the fact that I am always looking, OK? I’m a human being and love is rad. I’m looking.

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