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Don’t Listen Ladies!

12/29/2016 at 5:10 | Posted by tanner

So here it is…the 12 stupid things every woman hears from her friends that are in relationships!


1. “Maybe you should just try not dating for a while.” No one would ever tell you this with jobs. “Oh, you can’t find your dream job? Maybe you should just be unemployed for a few years!” Cool advice.

2. “Have you been on Tinder? Everyone’s on there!” Pass.

3. “Let him find YOU.” I would but I’m pretty sure he’s asleep or doesn’t have GPS because that has not happened yet.

4. “You’re just being too picky.” You’re right. I should settle for “has a pulse” and “watches TV, any channel.”

5. “When you stop looking, you’ll find someone.” Let’s just accept the fact that I am always looking, OK? I’m a human being and love is rad. I’m looking.

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