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Ever Hear Of The ANGEL Shot? You May Need It One Day!

01/04/2017 at 5:10 | Posted by tanner
384018 04: (FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY) A bartender poors a shot of Vodka into a glass made of ice at the Absolut Ice Bar of the Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada January 7, 2001 in Quebec, Canada. Since it's opening in January 2001, the hotel received more than 10,000 visitors in addition to guest staying overnight. Based on a popular ice hotel in Sweden, the Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada is located on top of the Montmorency Falls, 10 minutes from Quebec City. The construction, which took 5 weeks, required 4500 tons of snow and 250 tons of ice. This year, the hotel has 6 bedrooms of various size, a bar, a cinema and ice sculpture galleries. It will remain open until March 31, 2001 and should be back next year with a bigger surface. (Photo by Pierre Roussel/Newsmakers)
Photo Credit: Photo by Pierre Roussel/Newsmakers)

A restaurant in Florida has posted a sign in the women’s bathroom that reads … “Is your Tinder or Plenty of Fish date not who they said they were on their profile? Do you feel unsafe, or even just a tad bit weird? Then order an angel shot.”

The angel shot is code to alert the restaurant’s staff that a customer may be feeling uncomfortable on their date.

If a customer orders an angel shot, a bartender will then escort them to their car or call an Uber or taxi for them.

If a customer orders an angel shot with a lime, the restaurant will then call the police.

Sounds like a good idea, but once the term is out, everybody knows what is happening.

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