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How Long Does It Take Us To Make Some Of The Biggest Decisions?

01/05/2017 at 8:12 | Posted by BIG SEXY
"Photo Courtesy of BIG SEXY"
Photo Credit: "Photo Courtesy of BIG SEXY"

Time goes quick, so you gotta move quick!  In this world we make some big decisions in life pretty quickly.  But how quick? Well according to a new study from One Poll we have found out when men and women both make a decision.

-2 Minutes to swipe right or left.. We look at a dating profile and decide in less then 2 minutes.  Talk about having a good profile picture!

-21 Minutes to decide if we like new kicks but in that time we try on 6 pairs. If they are cowboy boots, double this because it takes longer to get them on!

-23 Minutes to figure out what to Netflix then we just chill…

-61 Minutes to iPhone or nah. When we pick out a new phone, it usually doesn’t take that long!

-91 Minutes to Choose A New Ride and then another 3 hours in paperwork.  Can I just have it already?

-92 Minutes to Choose A Vacation and a whole year to work and pay for it.  Does it really take that long to choose where to go though?  I mean I just find a place with a palm tree and go!

Does it take you longer? Or shorter?


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