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The Hysteria That Never Ends

01/06/2017 at 3:42 | Posted by Charlie and Debbie

Growing up in Houston, Texas, snow was NEVER a part of my (Charlie) life.  I mean, I once went water skiing on Christmas Eve.  By mid-February people are laying out to catch rays.

So when we first moved to the Southeast in the mid 90s, I thought snow was the best thing in the world.  And a part of me still does.  There is NOTHING I love more than the beautiful quiet of the sun rising over fresh snow.  I can’t wait to see it tomorrow.

Anyway, one thing that I was introduced to then and continues today is this CRAZE to stock up on milk and bread when a snow storm is forecast.  Okay, I get the bread, but MILK?!  Hello…it’s a perishable item!  And don’t tell me, “You need it to make snow cream.”


You need to buy 4 gallons of milk (saw it last night at Harris Teeter) to make snow cream?  Exactly how much are you planning on making?!


And this sums it up for me…

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