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Fight The Winter Blues By Dreaming Of These Little-Known Beaches

01/08/2017 at 7:13 | Lauren Levine // Freelance Writer
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The weather outside is pretty frightful, but these gorgeous beaches are absolutely delightful all year round. If you’ve had enough of the cold and the gray, start planning a trip to one of these perfectly Instagram-worthy locales. Some of the places that are definitely at the top of our “Must Visit” list right now include:


Lord Howe Island, Australia

Get your passport ready, because this once-in-a-lifetime trip is definitely going to top your bucket list. This island, located in the Pacific Ocean, limits tourists to 400 at a time so it never feels claustrophobic. You’ll be blown away by the views. Blue-green water, mountains that drop right into the sea, lagoons, and elegant hotels with spas perfect for pampering. Grab a bike (it’s how most people get around) and start exploring.

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Salema, Portugal

While the other cities around it have become very developed, Salema retains its quaint authenticity. This fishing village features a breathtaking beach, clean-looking white stucco homes, and an outdoor market. It’s a city known for simple pleasures.


Ocean View Beach in Norfolk, Virginia

You’ll enjoy spectacular ocean views, and if you go in the summer you’ll always find evening entertainment. Enjoy just enough hustle and bustle, without nearly as many people as you’ll find at neighboring Virginia Beach, which is 15 miles away.


Bethany Beach, Delaware

Bethany Beach has activities everyone in your family will love. Spend the day building sand castles and playing in the ocean. At night enjoy fresh seafood in welcoming, casual restaurants, then stroll the boardwalk or challenge each other to a round of mini golf. It will feel like the classic family vacation you see in movies and TV shows.


Wildcat Beach, California

In terms of seclusion, it’s hard to beat Wildcat Beach. You definitely won’t have to worry about crowds when you head here, as you need to partake in a roughly six-mile hike or bike ride just to get there. Your work pays off when you arrive though, as you’ll feel like you’ve snuck onto private property. Enjoy escaping from the world for a while when you stay overnight at one of the nearby campgrounds.


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