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#DearBIG: To Be Facebook Friends With An Ex, Or Nah?

01/11/2017 at 8:00 | Posted by BIG SEXY
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I am getting married in two months. My fiance and I are in pre-marital counseling with our priest. Last Sunday, we talked about social media. My fiance and I had a LOUD disagreement over whether or not we should still be friends with our exes on Facebook. Our priest was stunned when we started yelling. I think ties with all exes should be cut once we are married. They are exes for a reason. My fiance thinks it’s ok to talk and text with exes. Who’s right – me or him?

Elaine Without Exes

P.S. None of our exes are ex-spouses nor do we have kids with them.”


Elaine Without Exes,

If we had a dollar for every time this argument came up between couples since the creation of Facebook, I’d be writing back to you from somewhere in the islands right now!  It can be tough for someone that’s outside of the relationship to tell you how to handle things inside of the relationship, but when it comes to exes I always feel the answer is simple.  They are better off gone!  Yes, you may have had a lot of memories with these folks, and you may have a connection that makes a great friendship, but is it worth the drama it can create?  When it comes to the point that yall are going to get married your life truly becomes one.  Though you are two individuals you have to work together to get the best outcome and to get through life together.  If being friends with an ex is going to create issues and drama then it’s not best that the friendship continues whether it’s only on Facebook or in person.   Especially if you don’t have any kids and you were never married, then the reasons for having them around are not very strong.  In life we have enough issues in relationships and marriages, why add anything else?

All in all, if it’s not good for the relationship, and it’s not a crazy request, then why argue about it and let it continue?

That’s just my two cents.


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