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15 Things You Could Do With An Extra $1,500!

02/16/2017 at 8:01 | Posted by BIG SEXY
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Photo Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

“What would BIG SEXY do” could become a great thing, but Man yall have been listening for that Secret Sound like CRAZY!  I’m pumped for one of yall to get it right and get to choose how to spend all this CASH!  But it also has had me thinking, well what would I do if I had an extra $1500!  Well I think I put together a great list, even if it isn’t in any specific order!

15 Things You Could Do With An Extra $1,500:

-Take The Family Or Some Friends On A Cruise! (You Can Find Deals For $300-$500)

-Go To Your Favorite Bar, And Buy A Round For Everyone

-Pick An Island, And Spend A Week There!

-Put Some New Wheels And Tires On Your Truck!

-Go Out And Buy All New Socks And Underwear (For Yourself And More!)

-Get A Hotel Room In Thailand For 30 Nights!

-Pay Off Some Debt

-Buy 3,000 Beers In The Philippines (Doesn’t Include Getting There)

-Buy Stocks In The Stock Market

-Donate To A Great Cause

-Renovate Your Kitchen (Only If You Own Your House)

-Buy A Used Boat Or Jet Ski

-Take The Family To Disney! (Small Family, Probably Like 3 Of Yall)

-Take All Your Friends And Family To Waffle House (Who doesn’t love Waffle House?)

-Take Your Friends To The Carolina Country Music Fest For The Weekend In June!

The question is, when you win, what will you do with $1,500?

Find out all the guesses and all the hints here!


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