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Garth Brooks Reacts To Daughter Allie's Viral Cover Of "She's Every Woman"

Allie Brooks is one talented young lady and her famous country singer daddy thinks so too.

Allie Brooks is the daughter of the best-selling country singer of all time, Garth Brooks. Allie has recently been posting herself singing covers to her Facebook page and YouTube, which has been getting her a lot of attention lately. Allie has gained her a lot of respect from the country community because she hasn't used her mega famous father to help her.

According to Country Rebel, "Earlier this year, she covered Garth's famous 1995 song "She's Every Woman" and completely blew everyone away. Rare Country caught up with Garth to find out how he feels about his daughter's music."

As one would expect, Garth is a major fan of his daughter's music. Brooks says he could be biased but is really impressed and proud of his daughter.

Here's what Garth Brooks told Rare Country, “I’m a fan. I see her stuff. I’m going, ‘Wow, I want to hear more of whatever this person’s doing.’ I’ve got probably five or six on my list like that, and she is one of them. So, I try not to be, ‘Oh, you’re just a proud dad,’ or ‘You’re biased.’ I am, but at the same time, this little girl’s good. I enjoy her stuff.”

Check out Allie's video below and Garth's reaction here.



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