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Better Get Your DNA Checked First!

Elite Daily claims a couple from Mississippi recently discovered they were biological twins. The couple went to a Mississippi fertility clinic for help in getting pregnant.

The physician, who has asked to remain anonymous, tells the Mississippi Herald that he discovered the husband and wife were brother and sister after DNA testing. ''During the in vitro fertilization process, we take a DNA sample from both the male and female to get a profile of their genetic backgrounds. It’s just a routine thing, and we wouldn’t normally check to see if there was a relationship between the two samples, but in this case the lab assistant involved was shocked by the similarity of each profile. However, looking closer at the samples, I noticed there were way too many similarities. With this in mind, I was convinced that both patients were fraternal twins. The husband said that a lot of people remarked on the fact that they shared the same birthdays, and looked similar to each other, but he said it was just a funny coincidence and that the couple were definitely not related. The poor man had no idea.''

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