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Forbes Top 10 Wealthiest Self-Made Women

There are a lot of wealthy women in this world, but when it comes to the wealthiest, who takes the top?Well according to Forbes, there is a long list of wealthy self-made women in the world and how they made their fortune is very different.  Below is the list of the top 10 and how they made it!  You may even recognize a name or two!

Forbes Top 10 Wealthiest Self-Made Women:

10. Lynda Resnick, Agriculture ($2 Billion)

9. Elaine Wynn, Casinos and Hotels ($2.1 Billion)

8.  Johnelle Hunt, Trucking ($2.4 Billion)

6. Meg Whitman, eBay ($2.5 Billion)

6. Judy Faulkner, Health IT ($2.5 Billion)

5. Doris Fisher, Gap Clothing ($2.7 Billion)

3. Oprah Winfrey, Television Shows ($2.9 Billion)

3. Judy Love, Retail And Gas Stations ($2.9 Billion)

2. Diane Hendricks, Roofing ($4.9 Billion)

1.Marian Llitch, Co-founder of Little Caesars ($5.1 Billion)

That's a lot of powerful women who also have A LOT of money!

Which do you idolize the most?