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These 10 Schools Know How To Throw Down The Best!

If your looking for an education, these 10 schools may not be the ones you want to go to!  Well, unless your degree is in 'How To Throwdown!'  Then go ahead and get your applications and deposits ready!

Princeton Review has released there Top 10 schools with the best parties, and I gotta say, I'm surprised that any schools in the Carolina's didn't make the top list!  We gotta do better folks!  Here are the school that did make it though:

Top 10 Party Schools Of 2017

10. University of Maine -Orono, Me - What else are ya gonna do when it's cold 11.5 Months of the year?

9. Lehigh University- Bethlehem, PA

8. Colgate University- Hamilton, NY - Colgate? Is that a University for dentists? I don't need them drinkin then drilling cavities!

7. University of Colorado-Bouldar- Bouldar, Colorado- Well they did legalize..... nevermind!

6. University of Delaware- Newark, DE- Have you ever been to Delaware?  Not much else to do but hit the beach and party!

5. University of Wisconsin-Madison- Madison, WI- Gotta party to stay warm!

4. Syracuse University- Syracuse, NY

3. Bucknell University- Lewisburg, PA- Who woulda thought all these PA folks like to party? Wonder if its the Amish influence.

2. West Virginia University- Morgantown, WV

1. Tulane University- New Orleans, LA- What happens in New Orlin's... Ends up on Snapchat these days!

What school did you think was the biggest party school?