Avengers Return

When I was a little boy and watched "The Superfriends" on Saturday morning cartoons, I never imagined that Hollywood would ever find a way to have all my favorite superheroes team up on the big screen like they did it my mind when I was playing with action figures and friends.

The Eighth Wonder Of The World

I have made no secret about this, my (Charlie) whole life I have been an unabashed professional wrestling fan. My mom once described it as sweaty soap operas for men. Who knows, she may be right.

Get Lost Again!

"Lost in Space" has had quite the history. First, there was the legendary, TV show (1965) starring Guy Williams and June Lockhart. In a cheesy era of sci-fi, this was one of the cheesiest! Then came a modern remake in movie form (1998) starring William Hurt and Matt LeBlAnc. Now comes a new, modern take…