Getting Wrapped Up In The Mummy

You can say what you want about Tom Cruise, but one thing you must say is he is a movie star. This week we already have set photos from the upcoming, "Mission Impossible 6."

New Alien: Covenant Promo

I always like when Ridley Scott is at the helm of an "Alien" movie (as he is for the latest, the cast pictured above). He has always had an eye for young heroines that, although not "stunningly beautiful," have a trait that makes it impossible for you to take your eyes off of them. From…

Disappointed To Say The Least

Okay, I realize this is going to REALLY hack off my fellow Star Wars geeks. It goes against the code, religion, whatever...but I can't help but be honest: THIS TRAILER SUCKS! I mean, c'mon, we've been waiting FOR MONTHS for a decent look at "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," and THIS is what we get?!…


In this age of warfare that is raged from laptop computers from thousands of miles away, "Drone" could not be more timely.

A Star Wars Celebration

For a boy whose life was forever changed by what he saw in a movie theater during the summer of 1977, this is easily the coolest thing I could ever imagine! Going on right now down in Orlando, Florida, is "Star Wars Celebration 2017."

You Can Pay For This?!

Okay, I've said many times on here how whenever I see something is coming to Netflix, no matter if I recognize any star or not, I'm checking it out.

A Transformers Twist

Coming this summer is the fifth "Transformers" movie in the big screen franchise. I must admit, I've NEVER been able to make it through the fourth without falling asleep.

Thor Returns!

The third and fourth "Avengers" movies are filming right now. We won't get the first of these until next May (2018), but don't despair Marvel fans, we get a little taste this November when the third "Thor" movie bows. Thor: Ragnarok apparently finds everyone's favorite Asgardian Prince on a foreign world w/o his hammer, and…