Some stories hit too close to home. I (Charlie) graduated from Baylor in 1992 and Debbie and I were both working in the town of Waco, Texas,  in 1993 when the infamous Brand Davidian standoff/tragedy with the ATF took place.

Taylor Swift Returns

Don't know how your week was last week but for Taylor Swift (to steal from Larry David), it was pretty, pretty, pretty, good.

"24" Returns

In 2001, Fox changed TV forever with a show that no one said would work. Each episode would represent one hour in a day. A very bad day for a Federal agent named "Jack Bauer," played by a movie actor on the scrapheap, Kiefer Sutherland (pictured above).

The Runaways

As a comic junkie, I thought I knew about every potential property that either Marvel or DC have to offer. That's why I was suprised to hear, a few months ago, about Marvel's "The Runaways."


A few years ago there was a series on AMC and later on Netflix called, "The Killing." It was a dark, creepy, and sometimes sinister police drama set in the Pacific Northwest.

X-Files Returns

Our son has REALLY gotten into this show "Supernatural" that's been on the CW for many seasons and he's binge-ing on YouTube.