The Last O.G.

This is something that made me smile this morning on a number of levels. The most obvious? Tracy Morgan is a really funny man. His comedic style is different and unique and I've always enjoyed watching him perform.


So, if you didn't get enough of the Getty kidnapping story with Ridley Scott's "All The Money In The World," an extended telling of the tale is coming to TV.

The Giant

I have been hearing about this for a great number of years, but didn't think I'd ever see it done. First, ESPN was going to do a "30 for 30," but then Bill Simmons (it was his baby) left the company. Then Simmons went to HBO, but there was never a mention.

Return Of The Hero

Good Lord. First it was "The X-Files" that returned to TV.  Next it was "Will and Grace." Soon "Roseanne" returns. Yesterday came the word that CBS had ordered 13 new episodes of "Murphy Brown." And now, "The Greatest American Hero?"

Altered Carbon

I had heard about this series from Netflix, but was unsure of what it was all about. Now, I am absolutely all-in on "Altered Carbon" coming February 2.

A Second Tale

If there's been on TV show in the last year that has people not just talking about it, but talking where they can even see it, it's "The Handmaid's Tale" on Hulu.