The New 103.7 Secret Sound Online

It’s no secret that The New 103.7 gives away the most Carolina cash to local winners. But there’s a secret to getting your hands on the money.

The New 103.7 Secret Sound Is Back!

Listen 11 times each weekday for your chance to solve the sound and win cash! We’ll post all guesses on our website—even the really bad ones---and we’ll give you clues to help solve the mystery…and win the money!

We start at 7:00 each morning with Tanner, so wake up early and start listening for your chance to grab some Carolina Cash! More fun, more winners, and more money from the New 103.7!

Listen for The New 103.7's Secret Sound every weekday at these time to win:

7:10 am  |  8:10 am  |  9:10 am  |  10:10 am  |  11:10 am  |  12:10 pm

   1:10 pm  |  2:10 pm  |  3:10 pm  |  4:10pm  |  5:10 pm

The 10th caller will get their shot at the cash.

The Round 4 prize winner will receive $10,000! We'll start having people guess the 4th Secret Sound on Monday, March 27th!

So good luck and guess The New 103.7 Secret Sound correctly!

CLICK HERE for the Official Rules.

Secret Sound #3 is answered correctly! See how we made the Secret Sound here:

Congrats to Va Lui! She was our 2nd Secret Sound winner for a cool $2,500!

Watch Rick McCracken, Music Director for The New 103.7, reveal how we created the second Secret Sound!

Congrats To Sallie C from Lincolnton! She was our first Secret Sound winner for 2017!

Watch Music Director for The New 103.7 reveal how we came up with the first secret sound!

Check out our winners from last year!

Congratulations to Kaylie Booth from Huntersville for guessing it correctly!

Congratulations to Jessica Evans from Linwood, NC for guessing it correctly!


Congratulations to Lauren Zuckerman-Booth from Huntersville, NC for guessing it correctly!



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