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New Music Showdown:Jimmie Allen vs. Brett Young

Two brand new artist going head to head this week!  One who has had a hit already on the radio and another who has broke into music through American Idol!  The question is, which song do you dig? The songs are great but you only can pick one.  Which do ya dig? Jimmie Allen "Best…

Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-Dale Jr & Figure Skating 2/20/18

What could be better than Dale Jr. at the Winter Olympics covering...WHATEVER?!  Details in "Celebrity Dirt."  When was that moment that you knew you were an adult-not 18-a bona fide grown up?  Speaking of the Winter Olympics, this group, according to "Smartest Person..." has kept the games moving.  And in "Other News..."
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Back To Jurassic

As much as I love the movies-especially going to the movies-there have only been a couple of occassions where I would describe the experience as "life-changing."

Happy "Love Your Pet" Day!

Love your pet day is EVERYDAY at my house !  You have got to check out this incredibly sweet pup that just doesn't want to leave the park!  Some by standers captured every hilarious moment!

Jon Pardi On Being Dissed By Luke Bryan!

Jon Pardi tells CMT that Luke Bryan invited him to tour with a simple text message. “Luke just sent me a text. It was just, ‘Man, you wanna go on tour?’ I was like, ‘Yeah'. Everybody’s really excited. Because me and Luke, we go way back. We’re buddies. I met Luke in 2011, when we…

Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-Kicked Out Of Girl Scout Camp 2/19/18

Just because you dress as the "Black Panther" doesn't mean you get to see "Black Panther."  Details in "Celebrity Dirt."  When were you and your family "asked to leave."  This is becoming a familial epidemic in this country <g>.  "Smartest Person..." details a late 19th Century invention still in use today.  And in "Other News..."…
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