Taking Dead Aim with Charlie Nance

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Latest Episode: A Familiar Roar Is Being Heard Again
We talk Phil, Tiger, and more with Ron Sirak of Ron Sirak.com.  Ryan Ballangee of GolfNewsNet.com has authored the best piece about whether or not to roll back the golf ball to date.  We agree, and disagree. 😉  And Ron Green Jr. of The Global Golf Post and Charlotte Observer is our "boots on the…

Charlie & Debbie's Same Day Replay

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Latest Episode: Put Some Pants On That Duck
Ah, the Royal Invitations are out, and Carrie Underwood plans her return.  411 in "Celebrity Dirt."  What's the biggest non-money bet you've made?  15% of college students in 2018 can't do WHAT according to "Smartest Person..." And in "Other News..." Disney...puh-lease!