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THAT Is Not A Good Idea!

Burt Reynolds is not looking good, but he's still a GREAT interview on talk shows.  Hear proof with "Celebrity Dirt."  NO ONE thought it was a good idea, but you did it anyway (see "take a driverless Uber").  According to "Smartest Person..." more than 70% of us have done WHAT when we weren't paying attention. …

My Wall Is Hissing Intensely

So now to become a princess you have to endure KIDNAPPING DRILLS?!  Details in "Celebrity Dirt."  Have you ever called in sick to goof off and got caught?  What happended?  In "Smartest Person..." what happens, on average, 700 times a year?  And in "Other News..." can someone do something about the noise in my wall?!

P Nasty Goes To Court

In "Celebrity Dirt," what's funnier Miley Cyrus getting frivilously sued, or the names of her alleged co-conspirators? What have you taken from work? According to "Smartest Person..." more than 80% of elderly have what? And it "Other News..." shouldn't a grown adult be able to tell the difference between a dog AND A BEAR?!

When Tonya Beat Paula

"Real Housewives of NASCAR?" Maybe...details in "Celebrity Dirt." Do you have a TV show you're ashamed to say you watch? What are nearly 1/3 of couples doing to spark romance in their relationship? Find out with "Smartest Person..." And in "Other News..." that moment when you pick the wrong Australian bar to rob