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Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-"A Lion Bit A Hooker?!" 100317

A little bit of everything on the show today.  Nashville circles the wagons for their own and fans in wake of Vegas Tragedy.  Interesting survey...what's the best thing in life?  "Smartest Person..." involves a little internet knowledge and "Other News..." school's us on stupid rappers and stupider Rugby Players!
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Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-"Do Not Call Her Hormonal" 100217

Fun show today, if you missed it... -What does Blake Shelton think of Luke Bryan getting hired by "American Idol?" Will Luke be PO'ed by it? -Carrie Underwood, Debbie, and Charlie's individual obsessions-RIGHT NOW-yours? -Probably shouldn't pick on the fairer sex on a Monday with The Smartest Person in the QC, but... -And the BIGGEST…
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