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New Music Showdown: Muscadine Bloodline

They may not be the waves in the ocean, but instead waves over the 'CB Radio' as they explain on their self titled EP.  Muscadine Bloodline, two guys from Alabama that bring their style together to create one unique sound of high quality country music.

B.S. Backstage With PBR Bull Rider Tyler Harr

What does it take to ride a 2,000 lbs bull for 8 seconds? Big Sexy interviews a rider from PBR to find out! Be sure to catch them in Charlotte this weekend at the Spectrum Center (formerly known as Time Warner Cable Arena) on Friday and Saturday. This is a paid advertisement.

NEW MUSIC SHOWDOWN: Blake Shelton vs. Kip Moore

Two superstars go head to head this week in a battle of New Music at 7 PM on your radio!  The question isn't which song is great, because lets be honest, both are amazing!  Instead, it's a question of which song is better?  Well that all depends on your taste! So listen nightly at 7…

NEW MUSIC SHOWDOWN: Michael Tyler vs. Frankie Ballard

A new week, and new music on your radio!  Check out these two new songs every night at 7 PM on you radio, then come vote on them here! Michael Tyler was in town with LoCash over the weekend and rocked the house.  Between his hits and a few other covers he really knows how…