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50 Shades Freed Trailer Is Here!

I never got on the "50 Shades of Grey" bandwagon.  Personally I thought the book was horrible (don't hate me ladies!) and I thought the movie was ridiculous.  I didn't see the second movie but I have to admit this third movie looks pretty interesting! Due out Valentines day 2018

Luke Bryan Opens Up About Losing His Brother

Luke Bryan is just about to start a new phase of his career as a judge on American Idol and last night America got to know our Luke a little better.  Robin Roberts joined Luke on his farm outside of Nashville to discuss the joy and great loss he's had in his life.

Beer After Exercise Might Be Good For You!

Great news beer lovers!  Athletes can drink a post game bottle of brew and know that it might be doing some good. Scientists have reportedly found beer after exercise helps dehydrated bodies retain liquid better than water.  The beer could also quench thirst some faster because the experts say carbon dioxide bubbles may speed up…

Tell Your Kids You Ate All The Candy

Every year, Jimmy Kimmel issues the same post Halloween youtube challenge.  Tell your kids you ate all the Halloween candy.  Jimmy did this with his own daughter Jane and honestly no real reaction but Channing Tatum's daughter was not so forgiving.

2 Big Hits On The Way For Chris Stapleton!

Congratulations to Chris Stapleton and his wife Morgane!  They announced yesterday that they are expecting twins! Morgane announced on her Instagram :" 14 years, 2 babies and 2 on the way.  Happy 10 year anniversary  babe!  You make my world go round".  Now THAT's great stuff!

A Whole New World With Claire and Her Daddy

I am a self professed Daddy's girl which is why I am so drawn to these two.  Four year old Claire is back singing with her Daddy and it's everything sweet.  Her Dad Dave just spent a little time on The Voice and went far.  But its magic when these two sing and perform together,