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Why Camping Is Good For Your Health!

Ya'll, I'm a new woman.  I spent four days with a group of seven women (these two cuties included) , with no cell service or internet connection just   Fresh air, sunshine, good people and our horses.  Turns out there are actual health benefits to camping.  According to "Eureka" these are the top ten. 10)…

Social Butterfly

10,000 Millennials  were asked to name the most narcissistic social media app. Instagram was the big winner at 64 percent.  Next came Snapchat at 15 percent, Twitter followed at 11 percent and Facebook at 10 percent. Apparently there is an unspoken instagram rule.  67 percent of students say that you must "like" peoples pictures who…

Chris Lane Got Down On All Fours In Vegas

Britney Spears was performing in Vegas on Friday when she invited country star Chris lane on stage.  That all sounds fine right?  But then she put him on his hands and knees before walking him around the stage with a leash around his neck.  I don't think he minded somehow.

Where To Go On Spring Break ???

There are SO many places within a few hours driving distance of the Charlotte area.  Lucky for us its a short drive to the beach or the mountains!  But if you want a little bit more of an excursion without a passport.  Here are the top ten travel destinations that may offer a little history…