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Jason Aldean Is Going To Be A Dad Again!

Jason Aldean and his wife of two years, former Charlotte Bobcats cheerleader, Brittany Kerr are expecting their first child together.  This will be Jason's third.  Jason wrote on social media, "Been hard to keep this secret but we couldn't be happier to add to our family.  This year just gets better and better. #bunintheoven.

Top Five E Mails You Shouldn't Send Your Boss

Every office has its own set of email no no's.  Maybe you are the "reply all" guy or maybe in that reply all you tell a misunderstood joke.  One word, DON'T.   Here are the top five  emails you should never send your boss.   5)  The Saga Email :  Just like you, the boss…

Vince Gill and Daughters Sing For The Predators

Oh my goodness!!  I can't believe how much Vince Gill's daughter Corrina looks and sounds like her mom, Amy Grant! Vince Gill teamed up with his daughters Jenny and Corrina this week to sing the national anthem for game four of the playoffs and the crowd went absolutely wild!

Dogs Make Men Look Sexy!

It's Winniesday ya'll!  Meet our five month old goldendoodle, Winnie .  And a perfect time to reveal (yet another) survey about pets!  According to "Petsies", 24 percent of men are perceived as sexier when they are seen holding a puppy!   Other findings: 14 percent of men are seen as more trustworthy when they are…

Jimmy Kimmel Gives Details of His Son's Birth and Heart Disease

When I heard Jimmy Kimmel tell the story of how they discovered his son's heart defect, it brought about all kinds of personal memories.  Jimmy's wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Billy but they  discovered pretty quickly after delivery that Billy's heart was in distress.   Something very similar happened when my son…

April's Baby Finally Has A Name !

April's baby has a sweet new name.  After a long and exhaustive search for the perfect name, the Animal Adventure Park announced that 15 year old April's baby calf will be called Tajiri.  Tajiri reportedly means hope in Swahili. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Uw2SVdt7_E

McDonald's Is Phasing This Out

It's a problem for some people who already have word about the item that McDonald's allegedly is about to phase out. Hi C Orange drink is going to start being phased off the menu May 1 in some restaurants.   Now people may actually have to drink REAL orange juice instead?!?! Just to give one of…

Faith and Kellie ! This Is Happening!

Production is underway for the new television show with Faith Hill and Kellie Pickler !  The show is based in Tune Town and will feature cooking and gardening and entertaining to name a few .  It is set to debut on September 18th!

Good or Bad, Miranda Is Going To Do This

Miranda doesn't wait to be know as a cheapskate so no matter what kind of service she receives at a bar or restaurant she reportedly adds  30 percent to the bill.  So nice!! Miranda also revealed in a recent interview that she uses a fake name when she goes to a certain coffee shop.  Tara…