This Might Be A Tough But Necessary Watch

I remember when I was a small boy and movies like "The Deer Hunter" and "Coming Home" were received with critical acclaim and public praise for the realism portrayed in how vets reintegrated into society from the Vietnam War.

A Boy's Life

I'm going to give you my synopsis of this trailer and what I think this movie is about in the form of four questions:

He's Racing WHAT?!

  Okay, so you're Michael Phelps. You won, what, 5,000 gold medals in the Olympic swimming events? However, you've retired from competition what are you going to do?

Bible And A .44

Stumbled across this today while perusing YouTube. I don't know how I've missed this or how I haven't heard of or about Ashley McBryde.

The Midnighters

What do you get when a popular director of TV's, "The Walking Dead," makes their motion picture directorial debut?

Daddy Says No

Gwenyth Paltrow's movie career actually could have gotten off to an earlier start than it did. One of the great one-hit wonders of all-time is Vanilla Ice. His "Ice Ice Baby" was a song you could not get away from in 1990.

Seven Sisters

Very rarely these days do I come across a trailer for a movie that excites me like this. Hollywood seems to be in a creative rut with with a dearth of originality.