Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-Barbie's Dream Trailer 12/14/17

Nothing like REALLY enthusiastic kids on "The Lebo's Santa Claus Hotline."  It's a rite of passage as a dad...breaking (or almost breaking) your kid's toy on Christmas out of assembly frustration.  According to "Smartest Person..." this is what more than half of us would describe our self as.  And in "Other News..." stay away from…
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Homeland Returns

When it comes to a TV show, for me, out of sight, out of mind. However, put out a new trailer, and I'm back all-in immediately!

Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-That's Not Our Family! 12/13/17

Some people don't just dislike songs...they want them to NEVER be played again! <g>  It's always fun when kids call "The Lebo's Santa Claus Hotline," and other siblings in the car get miffed that they don't get to leave a message.  Hard to believe that you did this more than 1500 times before high school…
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Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-Bob Ross Chia 12/12/17

Never a bad day when you kick things off with checking messages on "The Lebo's Santa Claus Hotline."  Really?!  SOMEONE out there WANTS a Bob Ross Chia?!  WHO?!  As far as "Smartest Person..." goes?  Sounds about right. And in "Other News..." PLEASE stop it with the wild animal selfies.  It NEVER works out.
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Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-Remember Me Form Prison? 12/11/17

The "Lebo's Santa Claus Hotline" opens things up with a kid growing up like Debbie did...sick as a dog at Christmas. 😉  30% of kids are bored with their toys by noon on Christmas ever go through this with your kid?  "Smartest Person..." makes us painfully aware of how on-fire our credit card stripes…
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Jessica Jones Returns

One of the biggest and best surprises from the extended Marvel Comics Universe on Netflix has been Jessica Jones.

Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-Underwear From The Boss 12/08/17

Why not use the "Lebo's Santa Claus Hotline" to ask for millions and an island?  Have you ever received underwear from your boss for Christmas?  Neither have we, but apparently, it's happening.  According to  today's "Smartest Person..." nearly a quarter of us admit to doing this during the holidays.  And in "Other News..." Monday is…
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The Dinos Return

Look, I've loved the Jurassic Park movies since the first time I saw Steven Spielberg bring Michael Crichton's book to life the first time (I never thought that would be possible-btw).