A few years ago there was a series on AMC and later on Netflix called, "The Killing." It was a dark, creepy, and sometimes sinister police drama set in the Pacific Northwest.

Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-A Millenial Anti-Theft Device 101617

We open with an "ALL Science" edition of "Who Do You Trust?!"  Did this lady REALLY trade a packet of McDonald's sauce for a car...REALLY?  What have you traded as an adults?  "Smartest Person..." reminds us of something that is truly almost gone with the wind.  And in "Other News..." it DOUBLY sucks now to…
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Charlie and Debbie Show Podcast-Take That Earring Out Of Your Ear 101917

Sometimes, we're not above helping you win a prize...or was our hearing just no good during the "Listener Feud?" <g>  Ivanka Trump...believe it or not-rebelled against her parents by dying her hair blue.  How did you rebel?  What did your parents do about it?  "Smartest Person..." highlights SUCH A GIRL wow.  And the ULTIMATE…
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Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-It's Over Not Under 101817

Apparently, "Wrong Is Right" is NOT the easiest game in the world to play as we have lead ourselves to believe. <g>  Just because the subject/object of a fight is stupid...DOES NOT necessarily mean it is not a battle worth fighting, right?  With "Smartest Person..." we find out how much we depend on an involuntary…
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Jake Owen Lights Up The Night

It's been several years since we've seen Jake Owen, but we've known him for his entire career.  There are very few artists that you actually feel like you can call, "friend."

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We mentioned this many times here, but our son is a HUGE horror movie fan.  We share his love of the "Halloween" movies, but other than that...not so much.

Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-Exceptional Kids 101317

Stunned to find out who was trusted today on the show with "Who Do You Trust?!" Hint:  it wasn't Debbie!  A baby in China has an AMAZING foot-apparently.  What makes/made your child exceptional?  What's that one story you've told his/her whole life?  Lots of dirty things in a doctor's office, but THIS is among the…
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X-Files Returns

Our son has REALLY gotten into this show "Supernatural" that's been on the CW for many seasons and he's binge-ing on YouTube.

Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-The Two Week Rule 101217

Sometimes the easiest way to win is if you make sure that "Wrong" is "Right."  We celebrate "National Savings Day" by celebrating those that blew their savings (or a good chunk of it) on frivolous things.  "Smartest Person..." is a surprise as to what more than 20% of college grads still buy.  "Other News..." features…
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