Put Some Pants On That Duck

Ah, the Royal Invitations are out, and Carrie Underwood plans her return.  411 in "Celebrity Dirt."  What's the biggest non-money bet you've made?  15% of college students in 2018 can't do WHAT according to "Smartest Person..." And in "Other News..." Disney...puh-lease!

Avengers Return

When I was a little boy and watched "The Superfriends" on Saturday morning cartoons, I never imagined that Hollywood would ever find a way to have all my favorite superheroes team up on the big screen like they did it my mind when I was playing with action figures and friends.

Feeling Broody

OMG have you heard how much that Royal Wedding is gonna cost?  Full 411 in "Celebrity Dirt."  What is that one song of yours...a "mom and dad song" that drives your kids nuts?  Almost 20% of men think they do WHAT better than women?  Answer in "Smartest Person..." And apparently, a matching jersey and helmet…

Netflix In April

Well, we're almost to the end of the month of March which means getting to look ahead at what streaming service giant, Netflix has in store for April.

Uh...Um...Thats Not Your Ring

Australian Country Fans...weird bunch-411 is in "Celebrity Dirt."  What's the most valuable thing you've ever found?  In "Smartest Person..." we discover what almost half of women wish they'd done BEFORE he proposed.  And with "Other News..." what do burglars do on "Take Your Kid To Work Day?"

THAT Is Not A Good Idea!

Burt Reynolds is not looking good, but he's still a GREAT interview on talk shows.  Hear proof with "Celebrity Dirt."  NO ONE thought it was a good idea, but you did it anyway (see "take a driverless Uber").  According to "Smartest Person..." more than 70% of us have done WHAT when we weren't paying attention. …

My Wall Is Hissing Intensely

So now to become a princess you have to endure KIDNAPPING DRILLS?!  Details in "Celebrity Dirt."  Have you ever called in sick to goof off and got caught?  What happended?  In "Smartest Person..." what happens, on average, 700 times a year?  And in "Other News..." can someone do something about the noise in my wall?!

Can You Fathom This?

I have never missed an episode of "The Walking Dead" or "Fear The Walking Dead"-although I'm not one of those fanatical, dress-up-as-a-zombie kind of people. I just dig the shows.