Can't Un-See

With all the talk about eye damage that could be caused by staring directly into the eclipse this week, I was reminded of another retina burning experience.

6 Below

We've always enjoyed movies where man takes on nature...and wins. And most of the time, the least it will get the actor portraying the man is an Oscar nomination-if not a win.

The Punisher

Okay, so just as "The Defenders" hit Netlix last Friday (I'm on episode 3, so spoilers, please!),  This teaser trailer for the NEXT Marvel show in the network premiered.

Best Song/Video Right Now

We hear and see so much music that we honestly become immune to it.  For a song to breakthrough with us, it REALLY has to resonate on some other level.

Vice Principals

One of our favorite shows last year featured two of the most talented actors in the business: Walton Goggins ("The Shield", "Justified") and Danny McBride ("Eastbound and Down") starred as vice principals vying for their high school's top job in HBO's "Vice Principals."

Molly's Game

I have been all about Jessica Chastain since I first saw her in "Zero Dark Thirty." And THIS movie looks REALLY cool.