Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-True Love Is A Password? 2/13/18

The Royal Wedding guest list is taking shape and why people hate Tom Brady-covered in "Celebrity Dirt."  What is your sign of true love?  Speaking of love, according to today's "Smartest Person..." this happens almost 6,000 times a day in America alone!  And in "Other News..." KFC's Valentine's cards are making us hungry!
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A Brand New-Brand New Man

There is about ZERO chance of us saying ANYONE had a better year in music than Luke Combs did in 2017.  We distinctly remember talking with him in 2016 when he was still just working the bars in North Carolina.

Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-Beer Guzzling Parents 2/12/18

Changes on "The Voice" and our fave Olympic champion EVER in "Celebrity Dirt." Did you have any odd pregnancy craving combinations?  "Smartest Person..." gives us details on something that will last 100 years or longer.  And in "Other News..." fake Doritos news snares a few protesting victims 😉
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Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-The Pre Wedding Rules 2/9/18

Are Adam Levine and Blake Shelton thinking of leaving "The Voice?" Find out in "Celebrity Dirt." Were there some "Pre-Wedding Rules" in your relationship?  "Smartest Person..." tells us the average one of these is $6K.  And in "Other News..." Lucky Charms fires another
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I Feel Pretty

I am going to make you a prediction right now... "I Feel Pretty" will be the sneaky movie hit of the summer.


Okay, comic book geeks, this is the one for you. So far, really (with the exception of the upcoming "Black Panther"), both DC and Marvel Comics have stuck to the major players when it comes to extrapolating their superheroes from page to the big screen.

Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-Deputy Schwarzenegger? 2/7/18

Is there much ado about nothing when it comes to Carrie Underwood's facial laceration?  Details in "Celebrity Dirt."  Guys, has she ever give you a gift for Valentine's Day that was more for her than you?  "Smartest Person..." give vital floral stats prior to love's big day next week.  And in "Other News..." I don't…
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Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-Show & Tell 2/6/18

That cute kid from "The Sixth Sense" goes bananas at a Vegas airport in "Celebrity Dirt."  You remember anything out of the ordinary from "Show and Tell?"  How bad is the flu?  Check out "Smartest Person..." And in "Other News..." I can't imagine this kind of toilet nightmare.
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