The Orville

This is the time of year when all the networks (and now, streaming services) present their new series at an event called "up front" for advertisers.

Mom And Blackmail

So one of Debbie's friends went on a Mother's Day hike in the woods with her two young sons when nature called to them. And not the kind of calling that can be taken care of from the standing position.

We've Lost Another Great One

Character Actor Powers Boothe passed away over the weekend at the age of 68. I'm always amused when it's said of someone that young that it was from "natural causes."

Finally New Strangers

My son is a huge fan of "horror" movies, but more on the gore side than I am. I don't mind the blood as long as there's a story and some suspense.

Time Runs Out On Timeless

I HATE IT when I do this.  I really try to only start watching TV shows that critics and insiders feels have an almost automatic chance of making it for at least two seasons.