Some stories hit too close to home. I (Charlie) graduated from Baylor in 1992 and Debbie and I were both working in the town of Waco, Texas,  in 1993 when the infamous Brand Davidian standoff/tragedy with the ATF took place.

Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-Is Everyone Else Dead?! 111417

Blake Shelton may be People's "Sexiest Man Alive," but that doesn't stop the insults from flying on the internet.  So, why not make a game out of it?  A guy told a Philly paper that he had a date up and leave in mid-bite when she found out he voted for Trump.  Why did you…
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Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-You Bought My Present WHERE?!

Again...STUNNING that NO ONE trusts Debbie when we play "Who Do You Trust?!"  Stunning.  Nearly 50% of us will buy Christmas gifts while on the toilet (using our smartphones).  You done this?  What did you buy?  "Smartest Person..." tells us of insurance companies worst nightmare during holiday shopping season.  And we're still arguing about whether…
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Taylor Swift Returns

Don't know how your week was last week but for Taylor Swift (to steal from Larry David), it was pretty, pretty, pretty, good.

Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-Don't Call Her A Cow 111017

For the first time in weeks, the easiest game we play (so we thought), "Which of These Does Not Belong," got an easy winner.  There's hope for humanity.  A HUGE number of people cook to avoid family over the holidays?  You?  What's your go-to move to avoid family? The official vehicle of carpool is spotlighted…
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Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-Is That A Baby Python In Your Pants Or... 110917

Love some of the information for life we get on this show.  "Believe it or Not" you used to be able to walk RIGHT UP to the White House?!  Sen. Rand Paul is in REAL bad shape (6 broken ribs) after a fight with his neighbor over a yard-boundary feud.  What have you "feuded" with…
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Charlie And Debbie Show Podcast-Swimming With Crocodiles 110817

Seriously...when we play "Who Do You Trust?!"'s gonna be a WEIRD day that you shouldn't trust Debbie, right?  What did your parents do with you as a child-back in the day-that would land them under the jail now?  What is a major holiday pet peeve of 30% of us?  Find out with today's "Smartest Person..."…
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