Shopping For Underwear

You gotta love the sketch of Stormy Daniels' "goon" in "Celebrity Dirt."  What is something that is impossible to look cool doing?  "Smartest Person..." tells of something that happens at least 100 times a month.  And in "Other News..." we don't know who's dumber:  men in China or Russia.

Bulldogs And Chris Stapleton

We dive into this whole Carrie Underwood ACM weirdness in "Celebrity Dirt."  What simple, everyday thing throws your dog in a frenzy?  In "Smartest Person..." we learn was women would rather do than have a night of romance.  And in "Other News..." pot shoes?

Sourtoe Cocktail, Anyone?

Reba and Kelly...again...this Sunday Night.  Details in "Celebrity Dirt."  Singer/Songwriters Wyatt Durette and Levi Lowery join us prior to "Southern Rounds" at Coyote Joe's to do their thing (including performing their "Colder Weather" with a THIRD verse!).  "Smartest Person..." tells what 10% of us use our tax refund for.  And in "Other News..." wait until…

Beware Zombie Raccoons

Carrie Undwerwood's husband's hidden talent-on display-in "Celebrity Dirt."  Has your kid ever been hurt because of "pro wrasslin'" moves?  Nearly 70% of us resort to this after a tough day at work according to "Smartest Person..." And in "Other News..." every seen cocaine "fly" into a purse?