It's The Last One... And It's Closing!

The Miami Herald claims one of the last remaining Blockbuster video stores has announced plans to close in April. The North Pole, Alaska store has a dwindling customer base and is losing money. The store is holding a liquidation sale where customers can buy movies for between $5 and $15. Blockbuster has less than 10…

Frank Foster and Denny Strickland At Coyote Joes Saturday!

At Coyote Joe's on Saturday night to true southern boys come to town! Denny Strickland from Arkansas and Frank Foster from Louisiana storm the stage on St. Patrick's day! Tanner talked to them both about the show! Get your tickets at Here's Denny Strickland!

No Thanks!

Cosmo magazine claims IKEA's food lab Space 10 has created several new bug filled dishes. Their dogless hot dog features a bun made from algae while their burgers feature beetroot and mealworms. IKEA has no plans to sell the bug food alongside Swedish meatballs More here

Welcome To Flying!

Worst Airline Passenger Survey is out with their annual Passengers from Hell survey. They asked people to name the worst type of airline passengers 1 stinky passengers 2 out-of-control children 3 obnoxious seat recliners 4 armrest hogs 5 carry-on baggage abusers 6 weak bladder passengers 7 chatterboxes 8 people who stretch and exercise in…