How Long Did It Take You?

Inside Edition claims Maureen McCloskey and Dave Holland have decided to marry after 21 years of dating. The Pennsylvania couple has seven kids and six grandchildren. Maureen said, “Dave proposed to me 15 years ago but I wasn’t going anywhere and neither was he, but we had all these kids and we never got around…

Drive This Car And There Is A 50/50 Chance Your A Cheater!

A new survey by YouGov reveals that 43% of Lexus drivers have cheated on their partner. Other findings: - 40% of Alpha Romeo drivers have cheated on their partner. - 67% of cheating Mazda drivers have had an affair with a co-worker. - most attractive drivers: Mercedes-Benz owners followed by udi, Porsche, BMW and Jaguar…


Ouch that's got to hurt! Drone hits a tree mid race and crashes into a rider's front wheel causing him to go over the handle bars. And they want to one day fly these all over the thanks!  

Would You Wear One?

The clothing website is selling a new one piece swimsuit that has an image of a man's hairy chest printed on it. The suit sells for $44.95 and is meant to be worn by women at the pool or beach as a joke. Get yours here

Easy Draymond Green!

Golden State Warriors Star Draymond Green Isn't A Fan Of The People Of Cleveland ... during a recent press conference Green said; "I don't pay that much attention to anybody in Cleveland, honestly. They don't seem to be the sharpest people around." Hey Draymond I'm from Cleveland! And sure I wreck the curve but the…