Have We Gotten Too PC?

In the wake of the events in Charlottesville, Va., ESPN decided to pull one of its announcers from calling a University of Virginia football game -- because his name

Walking Across The USA To Fight Parkinson's Disease!

Tommy Dillinger is a local guy and retired member of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol. He's a super active guy who developed Parkinson's disease at a really young age. A few months ago he had brain surgery to help him with walking/balance, shaking and he is going to hike across the country. Tommy is…
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She "Engagement Ring" Shamed Him!

How awful...well I guess the guy makes six figures and then bought a 1,800 dollar engagement ring! Not sure if she really needed to call him out on Facebook? What our your thoughts? More on the whole story here

That's A Bad Job!

Chris Hemsworth tells that his worst job before becoming an actor was cleaning breast pumps. ''I worked for a pharmacy that would rent out milk extractors, you know breast pumps, for pregnant women. I swear to God I had a toothbrush and a spray, and I would scrub off dried milk off the machines.''…

Most Liked And Disliked Kids Shows!

According to a new parental poll by Child Care.Co.Uk Parents Like ... SpongeBob SquarePants – 48% Horrible Histories – 36% Scooby Doo – 21% Adventure Time – 20% Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – 18% Tom & Jerry – 17% Bob the Builder – 15% Fairly Odd Parents – 15% Power Rangers – 13% Arthur –…

Honor Flights Coming Back To Charlotte!

Honor Flight is an organization originally formed to allow WW2 vets the opportunity to fly to Washington and visit some historic military sites. With the population of these vets slowly decreasing they are opening it up to other vets. They are trying to bring back a chapter to Charlotte, but we wanted to let the…