Ouch that's got to hurt! Drone hits a tree mid race and crashes into a rider's front wheel causing him to go over the handle bars. And they want to one day fly these all over the thanks!  

Drive This Car And There Is A 50/50 Chance Your A Cheater!

A new survey by YouGov reveals that 43% of Lexus drivers have cheated on their partner. Other findings: - 40% of Alpha Romeo drivers have cheated on their partner. - 67% of cheating Mazda drivers have had an affair with a co-worker. - most attractive drivers: Mercedes-Benz owners followed by udi, Porsche, BMW and Jaguar…

Be Carful In This Bathroom!

Parks in Beijing are trying to combat toilet paper theft by installing facial recognition dispensers that ration the sheets. Each user gets one 28-inch piece of toilet paper. Is that enough? If it's not, they have to wait 9 minutes before they can get another piece. Shh...they might do that here!  

Stop Doing This...You Could Get Hacked!

It has become a Facebook fad to list your ten concerts and lie about one of them. Now word is that you may be making it easier for hackers because your first concert is one of the security question some people use on accounts. Find out more here