The "Dead" Finale

This, is Jeffrey Dean Morgan. This season he has been nothing short of electric as the chief protagonist, "Negan" on "The Walking Dead." In fact, he's been SOOOOOO good, that the fact that the season finale comes next week (and we won't have another new episdoe until Halloween) has me completely bummed out. After a…

New "Justice League"

There are many movies that are highly anticipated this year: "The Fate of the Furious" "Alien: Covenant" "Wonder Woman" "Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi" These are just a few. That being said, the one that REALLY has moviegoers' interests piqued is "Justice League." After the luke-warm-at-best reviews of "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of…

Captain Underpants!

Our nephew was a HUGE fan of these books when he was first learning to read. "Captain Underpants," trust us, is a hero to countless millions of kids.

Meet The Parents

This is how Mom/Dad will always see you. So, when you bring that special someone home for the first time to meet them, it's a big deal for them (and for you!).

My Cousin Rachel

This looks REALLY interesting and I never would have given this a second look had I not gotten an alert on my phone at a time of day when I was bored stiff in a waiting room.

Megan Leavy's True Story

Full disclosure, I've been in the tank for Kate Mara since she had a very small role on a season of "24." She's gone on to do some really great work-specifically on Netflix's "House of Cards."