Can You Fathom This?

I have never missed an episode of "The Walking Dead" or "Fear The Walking Dead"-although I'm not one of those fanatical, dress-up-as-a-zombie kind of people. I just dig the shows.

The Eighth Wonder Of The World

I have made no secret about this, my (Charlie) whole life I have been an unabashed professional wrestling fan. My mom once described it as sweaty soap operas for men. Who knows, she may be right.

Luke Skywalker Finally A Star

Look, I don't usually get excited by Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremonies. I mean, when you know the truth, it's really not all that impressive (ie the recipients actually have to pay to be there!).

Roseanne Returns!

The latest rage in TV programming is the word: "Reboot." There have been a couple I've been interested in ("The X-Files" and "Prison Break"), one I LOVED (my beloved "24"), and a bunch I was strictly "meh" about ("MacGuyver", "Hawaii 5-0", etc.).

There Can Be Only One

In 1986, a small, weird, science fiction movie was released called, "Highlander." Although it featured fantastic music from "Queen," it's box office success was "meh" at best, but as cable TV was starting to take hold, and pay channels like HBO were looking for movies to air, "Highlander" became a cult classic. Rather than to…


This Sunday on ABC is The Academy Awards and you can bet you are going to be assaulted by commercials for upcoming summer movies. Perhaps there is not one with more interest behind it than "Solo: A Star Wars Story."