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2 weeks ago

I Guess Meryl Streep Has No Problem With Sexual Assault Of A Minor?

Meryl Streep spent Sunday night attacking President-elect Donald … Read More


2 months ago

The Top 6 Lies Most Parents Tell Their Kids!

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Madison Walls // Intern Writer

6 months ago

Kelly Clarkson’s Baby Boy Is Basically Her Twin

Kelly Clarkson just made all of her followers … Read More


8 months ago

Justin Moore Performing In Your Backyard!

This is the cutest video! If you’d like … Read More


8 months ago

To Cry Or Not To Cry!

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Mail Online

9 months ago

Simple Formula Can Predict How Tall Your Children Will Be

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10 months ago

Mother Asks For $15,000 For Wine Money In Child Support Case?

It almost seems made up right?  Who would … Read More

Mike Rimmer // Staff Writer

12 months ago

“The Super Bowl Babies Choir” May Have The Most Talked About Commercial On Sunday

Commercials are one of the best parts of … Read More


1 year ago

This World Has Gone Crazy!

On one side of the fence you have … Read More


1 year ago

Former Daycare Worker Found Guilty of Starting a Toddler ‘Fight Club’

It’s hard to imagine what Tyler Durden might … Read More