These Have To Be The Most Popular Movie Costumes This Year!

Folks always go to the movies to find their perfect costumes from the movies, but this year there are a few that are way more popular for the ladies, and for the guys!  But what are they?  Well according to Fandango these seem to be it! Top 10 Male Halloween Movie Costumes 1. Pennywise the…

She's Had Over 200 Surgery To Look Like Wonder Woman!

Pixee Fox has spent over $500,000 so she can get the 'cartoon body' she's always wanted. The 26 year-old has had surgeries on her breasts, eyelids and nose. Pixie had six ribs removed so she can have a smaller waist. She considers herself a 'science experiment.' Pixie is trying to set the world record for…

Gerald's Game

I'm telling can watch NOTHING but what's available on Netflix and be thoroughly entertained. Once they started producing original series and movies-BOOM!

American Made

Just in time to see his new take on the classic, "The Mummy," a trailer for a Tom Cruise movie due out this fall, looks really, really good.

Behind "Pirates..."

First "Justice League," then "Spider-man: Homecoming," and now "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales"...the movie studios are REALLY starting to ramp up their promotion. This is not a traditional trailer though. This is a behind the scenes video featuring the TWO directors of the movie. I guess that's one way to tell…