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  1. Shaking dice in Yahtzee, and snapping your fingers
  2. Snapping your fingers and dropping your wallet on a beach towel
  3. Lid off aspirin bottle and dice being dropped onto a table
  4. snapping your fingers three times
  5. cracking nuts
  6. elbow macaroni and a wine cork dropped into a tin can
  7. an allen wrench and elbow macaroni in a pill bottle
  8. dog eating out of a dog bowl
  9. Tic tac being shaken inside its container
  10. Someone snapping their fingers and slapping their wrist at the same time
  11. Clapping wood blocks together
  12. klacker on a desk
  13. Somebody eating something and smacking their lips
  14. Somebody eating a cheeto
  15. clicking fingernails on a desk
  16. grandfather clock ticking
  17. wood blocks in a tin can
  18. a Kenny Chesney bobblehead bouncing up and down
  19. cracking knuckles
  20. deer rattles
  21.  taking a straw and making bubbles in a drink
  22. cymbals clanging
  23. someone crushing up ice
  24. someone shaking a cup
  25. playing the game trouble
  26. someone holding a glass or a cup and someone is clicking it
  27. ping pong
  28. vitamins being dropped into a medicine bottle
  29. a horse walking on a hard surface
  30. closing the binder clips in a notebook one at a time
  31. 2 cups 2 coins being shaken twice and turned over on the third time
  32. drumming fingernails on the plastic takeout coffee cup lid
  33. snapping your fingers and hitting the palm of your hand with your fist
  34. clicking a pen twice and dropping in a cup
  35. snapping your fingers