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Naked Bongos And Ramen

Funny New Zealand Typo in "Celebrity Dirt."  Another fun edition of "Mystery Voice."  "Smartest Person..." deals with that proposal.  How did you destroy that wedding dress from the marriage you'd like to forget?  And in "Other News..." naked bongos and Ramen?

Granny Goes Down!

So first, if you missed our discussion the other day of adults hurting themselves while playing with children's toys-or worse-hurting themselves while SHOWING OFF with children's's where you catch up.

Dishin' With Debbie-Sausage Balls

This is an old recipe from Jimmy Dean.  It goes way back to my childhood...and maybe yours, too!  My mom would make a big batch of these at the holidays and keep them warm in the crock pot.  We'd snack on them as long as they lasted on the buffet.  My son shares a love…