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This Is What Blake Shelton's Fans Think About Gwen

Blake Shelton is very open about his love for Gwen Stefani and how lucky he is to be with her.

Shelton's newest hit, "A Guy with a Girl" came at the "perfect time." But Blake's fans think it's the other way around, they believe that Stefani is the lucky one in the relationship. Apparently, at one of Shelton's shows Stefani came on stage wearing a homemade t-shirt from fans.

According to Rare Country, in an interview with Blake, he said, “[It] said, ‘She’s the girl with the guy,’ and it had a picture of me on it. So, you know a song is getting big whenever they start making their own [T-shirts] up and stuff like that.”

Gwen and Blake have some serious #relationshipgoals. I just love them and it's so sweet that they both care for each other so much!



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