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Would You Take A Trip To The Titanic? You Better Hurry If You Want In!

London Based travel operation Blue Marble Private will be running an 8 day journey to the wreck. But did you know the wreck is disintegrating? 

There's this little thing called erosion...

Few people have been to the Titanic, but it looks like you can take a dive as a once in a lifetime experience. The thing is, it might be the last one, now according to Science. BBC Earth shares that in a few decades, there may not be anything left of the ship, as a species of special bacteria is eating away at the hull of it.

Back in 1991, according to the article, they collected what they called "rusticles" from the ship, and found life eating away at the pieces. Considering most things can't live underwater at that pressure, it's pretty miraculous, but sad at the same time.

Between this species and salt water corrosion, the ship will eventually disintegrate, which eventually will classify it as being recycled. Whoops.

So, if you're obsessed with the ship, and have about $106,000 lying around, you can accompany Blue Marvel Private on the trip of a lifetime.  The Telegraph shares the cost price at $105,129, and that doesn't even count if you've got to travel to the UK first before taking the trip.

So... What you're saying is if I were one of the Kardashians, I could afford this, huh? *Starts Snapping Selfies*


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