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ICYMI: Brewery Makes Beer Out of Sewage Water

This might be one beer I'm looking to avoid. 

The folks at Stone Brewing Co. have really gone through extremes to make a new type of beer. Their barrels are currently being treated by sewage water. Yes, that water you flush down after going to the bathroom! No joke, it has already had some positive reviews.


Steve Gonzalez, senior manager and known for creating the Full Circle Pale Ale states that “Among the pale ales that I’ve made, it’s probably in the top three.” This sentiment really is not something you would imagine a person saying who knows the beer is made from poop water.


Pure Water San Diego on Twitter

@StoneBrewingCo brewed the Stone #FullCircle Pale Ale with purified water from the City's demonstration Pure Water Facility #PureStone ??


Full Circle Pale Ale uses reclaimed water from the Pure Water San Diego program. The program hopes to “recycle and recirculate a third of San Diego’s total potable water supply by 2035.” In order to promote the beer and project, the brewery paired up with the team to make this brew. Reportedly, even the city’s mayor has tasted the beer! After sipping the beer, Mayor Faulconer was noted saying that it was “delicious.”

Kathleen Hedberg on Twitter

Tastes just like beer - Stone FULL CIRCLE Pale Ale!Drinking Water & Beer of the future - today!


Kevin Faulconer on Twitter

Cheers to @StoneBreweryCo's Full Circle Pale Ale, SD's first beer brewed with recycled Pure Water.


For those of you wondering what the beer tastes like, Gonzalez stated that drinkers will “get some caramel notes, some tropical fruit notes. It’s a very clean-tasting beer.” Even though the water used may be known as old sewage water, it is still completely safe. Gonzalez noted that when they first released the beer, people were unsure what to think. However, after the news started arriving on the scene, the beer was “all gone in about 20 minutes.”


Shane Trussell, one of the lucky few who got a chance to taste the brew stated it was “outstanding” and that he originally thought “that it would have an off taste or be something different to it.” Many other folks stated that the beer was surprisingly hoppy.


Gonzalez is hoping that his beer will “help others jump on the same bandwagon.” He believes that the Pure Water San Diego program is a great thing for the city.


Looking to taste the potty-beer? Sadly, the Full Circle Pale Ale is not available for distribution. If that changes, we'll let you know where to get it!


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