New Music Showdown: Muscadine Bloodline

They may not be the waves in the ocean, but instead waves over the 'CB Radio' as they explain on their self titled EP.  Muscadine Bloodline, two guys from Alabama that bring their style together to create one unique sound of high quality country music.  A 90s feel of country music yet refreshing with a new taste and sound.  Charlie and Gary may have had their days on the road opening for bands like Brad Paisley, The Cadillac Three, Cole Swindell, Keith Anderson, Corey Smith, and more.  It can be where they their unique sound from, or just their energetic feel, but either way they are doing something right!

Check out their song "WD-40"

Or their song with a gospel message behind it, "CB Radio"

I was lucky enough to see they were out on the road with North Carolina native Luke Combs, and decided to give them a listen.  Since then I've become a fan of their great original sound.  The other week I heard they were coming to Coyote Joes for a Saturday night, so I couldn't miss it!

Check them out on iTunes or wherever you get music, then come join us for a special 1-2-3 night, tomorrow night!