Why Camping Is Good For Your Health!

Ya'll, I'm a new woman.  I spent four days with a group of seven women (these two cuties included) , with no cell service or internet connection just   Fresh air, sunshine, good people and our horses.  Turns out there are actual health benefits to camping.  According to "Eureka" these are the top ten.

10) Meditation.  Unplug, unwind, have no agenda and commune with God.

9) Challenges: make sure you create some for yourself

8) Food!  Nothing better than food cooked over an open fire

7) a Good nights sleep!  Trust me, at the end of the day you will be tired but in the best possible way

6)Sunshine.  its good for you!

5) exercise.  You will get some !

4) less stress.  No way to avoid it when you are camping without cell service or internet.  Unplug!

3) Improved moods!

2) Socialization.  Go with family or go with friends.  It builds relationships

  1. Fresh Air!!  A multitude of health benefits