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Imported or Domestic? The Great Beer Debate!

When you go to the bar, it's always tough to decide which beer you will go with!  Will it be an imported beer or will it be a domestic brew?  69% of people down two or more bottles of beer a week, but which way are they going?

33% of People Prefer Imported

67% of People Prefer Domestic

Why so many domestic? Well right now the Craft Beer taste is popular which is included in the domestic brews.  Now of course we know everyone doesn't drink beer, which is crazy because it taste so great!  What are the 47% of non beer dirnkers sipping on?

22% Prefer Margaritas

17% Prefer Wine

6% Prefer Cosmopolitans

5% Prefer Gin and Tonic

Weird that Whiskey or Bourbon didn't make it because it is one of the fastest growing selections of alcohol! Guess it's still on it's way up!

What's your drink of choice?