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How Much Will You Have To Work-Out To Work Off That Easter Candy?

Easter is known for a few things, and of course one is the great amount of chocolate and candy that makes it into our homes!  You can try your best to keep it out, but if you go see family or have kids, good luck! So what if you have that piece of candy?  How much will you have to work out to work it off?

-Cadburry Creme Egg (170 Calories) 15 Minutes Of Biking, Or 20 Minutes Of Jogging, Or 18 Minutes Of Weight Training

- One Large Chocolate Easter Bunny (1,050 Calories) One Hour Of Mountain Biking Or, 20 Minutes Of High Intensity  Interval Training, Or 30 Second Sprints for 30 Minutes

- Marshmallow Bunnies (384 Calories) One Hour Walk

- Hallow Chocolate Eggs (700 Calories) Three Hours Of Gardening

Is gardening now considered a workout?  Well according to it is!

So will you still partake in the Easter Candy this weekend?

After all, do calories count on Sundays?