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I Bet These 9 Items You Never Knew You Could Deduct On Your Taxes!

You love doing your taxes don't you? Then you probably work for the IRS or an accountant.  I kinda feel bad for my CPA.  Especially after I kinda got aggravated the other dear after hearing how much I owed! It's life right?  Like my buddy told me today, "if your not paying, then your not making enough!"  But did you know there are a few things you can legally write off? You may be totally surprised, because I know I was!

9 Items You Never Knew You Could Deduct On Your Taxes:

-Pet Moving- So you get a new job and have to relocate?  Well you'll have to take your pets with you and thankfully you can write off the expenses of moving them!

-That Pool In Your Yard- Ya never thought you could write off your pool did you? Well if you use it for any type of swimming exercises due to health issues, you possibly can write off the pool and maintenance!

-Quitting Smoking- After all it's 2017, it's time to quit those nasty things!  You can write off everything from the Gum to the help programs and more!

-Putting In A Little Charity Work...- and you have kids?  Well you can write off the childcare for that time that you put in the Charity Work! Crazy huh?

-Getting In Shape- That Gym Membership or Trainer that you've been paying for may be a tax write off. The key is, it has to come as an order from your doctor! So if he signs off on it, then your good!

-Weight Loss Programs- Not only can you write off the gym membership, but you also could deduct liposuction and maybe even gastric-bypass surgery!

-Your Pooch- No, you can't just write off your dog! But if you own a business and the dog is used to protect the property, then you may be in luck! You can actually write your dogs food, maintenance, and other costs off!

-Breast Implants- Yes, you read that right.  According to a court ruling a few years back, after an exotic dancer wrote off her implants, you can now right them off as a business expense.  The key is, you have to work in the adult industry as either a dancer, or actress.  They might call you out on it just so they can investigate!

-Boyfriend or Girlfriend- So you've been dating someone for more then the last year, and they don't make more then $3,900?  Well maybe they aren't such a pain in the butt after all!  According to CNN you can now deduct them as a dependent considering you have to take care of them! Crazy huh?