Photo by Jon Ferrey /Allsport

Teen Fakes Arrest in Promposal

Kids do the darndest things, and when it comes to promposals, it has gradually become a consistent game of one-up-manship.

A teen in Peachtree City, Ga. got a little creative and employed the local police department in his efforts to win over his prom date. In a dash-cam video posted to Facebook, the two teens are pulled over by the officer who asks the two to exit the vehicle, claiming that this truck has had a previous history with prior stops.

Peachtree City Police Department and Peachtree City Fire Rescue

Dash Cam of Major Drug Arrest in Peachtree City

After the boy refuses to reveal any more information, he is handcuffed and the girl is left in bewilderment until the officer hands her an envelope with a piece of paper inside. Once she realizes it’s all a fraud, the guy appears with a sign saying, “Prom? Say yes or you’re under arrest!”

With the two walking away un-cuffed, it would appear as though the female unsuspecting victim said yes. Although the whole bit seems a tad criminal, you can’t fault the guy for taking his chances with the law. In this instance, he fought with the law, and they all won.


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