Debbie Bailey

Send This Awesome Local Boy Some Love And Prayers!

I received a message from one of our listeners Debbie about this courageous young man...I thought I'd share his story with you!
When Will Threadgill was born, he had a heart defect that would lead to an early death unless he received a heart transplant. At the age of 6, his mother received a call from Charleston's MUSC. A heart was available for Will. He Received the transplant. Through the years, Will was never able to play sports and participate in anything that required a lot of physical activity due to his condition. His mother, Lisa, helped Will find something he enjoyed that he could do....hunting. Will has been on several hunts throughout the Carolinas thanks to organizations that assisted terminal children.

Recently, Will started experiencing difficulty in breathing. After several trips to MUSC along with a series of test, Will was diagnosed with cancer in both lungs.

I have known Will since he was born. I can say that I have NEVER heard him complain. This is the only life he has ever known. I watch him sometimes and I can tell that he does not feel good but he never lets you know it.

Will wanted to sing Sunday at preaching. I started recording him without knowing what he and his mother was going to sing. Needless to say, when he finished there was not a dry eye in the place.

Here's the video: Send Will Your prayers and love! Your an inspiration Will! God Bless You!