10 Items Every True Pet Lover Needs To See

Those of us with animal companions, big and small, scaly, furry or feathery, often like to honor these special family members in different ways. Sometimes we celebrate them with things we wear or home decor. We may even like to dress our animals up occasionally (that's normal, right?)

However you pay homage your pet, here are ten unique items that every real pet lover needs to see!

1. Fashionable Dog Tag

Who needs those boring dog tags when you have this fancy, stamped piece of metal? Your animal will not have time to get lost, they’ll be too busy being fashionable!


2. “I Just Want to Hang With My Dog” Shirt

Who does not just want to be home hanging out with their dog? There is nothing better in the world than coming home to an excited pup! Wear this to work and maybe your boss will give you a day off…just so you can hang out with your dog.


3. Bunny Rabbit Crochet Crown

Is your bunny or favorite prince or princess? Well, good news! You can finally make them feel like they are royalty! By adding this crochet crown into your bunny’s wardrobe, your lagomorph will feel like their cage is a castle!
4. Personalized Horse Necklace

Most horse owners wish they could bring their four-legged baby with them everywhere. Due to an excessive size and, well, weird stares, this, unfortunately, is not a possibility. However, we have a better option for you! Get this personalized horse necklace and you will feel like your favorite equine is with you everywhere.


5. Pet Cushions

Are you a pet owner? Your furries can be turned into cushions! Maybe you're allergic to the furry four legged friends. Pet cushions are your answer!


6. Personalized Dog iPhone Case

Get your pup on your iPhone! This personalized case will give a handcrafted touch to your technology. You will be wishing you were hanging out with your dog even more!


7. Cat Party Hat

Even cats have birthdays! Make sure to share your fur baby’s special day by purchasing them a party hat. They may look grumpy on the exterior, but they must be gleaming inside because you remembered their birthday. Or, they really are grumpy and this adorable party hat will surely earn you a few scratches or bites in return!


8. Hamster Earrings

Celebrate your little guy or gal with these adorable hamster earrings. Small, just like your pet, your hamster will look adorable as studs in your ears.


9. Custom Pet Portraits

If you are or know a pet fan, this would be a perfect present. A customized pet portrait will allow you to display your favorite four-legged friend on your wall. The best part? It is custom made!


10. Cat Baby Onesie


Because pets are your children too!! www.jocelynkdesigns.com

If your furry baby jealous of your human baby? Make them feel less competitive with this “Protected by my Big Sister” onesie. We are sure it will help your kitty friend want to snuggle with your new human addition.


Sarah Harley is a Hufflepuff living in the NYC area. When she is not talking to random animals or collecting stickers, she is a comedy writer working in television production. Tweet her at @lumpyspacederp.