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Top 10 Bucket List Items For Single Folks!

Whether you are happily married, or happily single, you should always have goals and a bucket list!That doesn't mean it has to be a bucket list of crazy expensive places, but instead it could be experiences as well!  According to a new study by Match.com, it has revealed that 85% of singles say that adventure is an attractive quality!  They also have found that 62% of singles have a bucket list.  Now the real question is, what is on that bucket list?

Top 10 Bucket List Items For Single Folks:

10. Travel Through Europe - 38%

9. Swim With Dolphins - 39%

8. Go To The Super Bowl - 43%

7. See The Northern Lights - 45%

6. Ride A Hot Air Balloon - 45%

5. Go On A Safari - 45%

4. Get To Their Ideal Weight - 47%

3. Change Someone's Life For The Better - 52%

2. Go On A Wine Tour In Napa - 53%

1.Find And Fall In Love - 83%

Well I gotta say, I'm not too surprised by #1, but #2 is surprising! Must be a lot of folks who are single and like to drink!

What is your top 5 on your bucket list?