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5 Things To Not Do At The Pool Or Beach This Summer

Well memorial day has arrived which means it's time to open the neighborhood pool, but whatever ya do don't be 'that person!'After all, you don't wanna be the person folks sigh about every time they see them walk into the pool area, but sometimes it happens.  In fact 83% of people have said at some point they have broken a rule or two.  What did they do to be 'that person?' Check it out:

5 Most Common Beach & Pool Etiquette Violations:

5. Beach Chair Hogging (9%)

4. Smoking (10%)

3. Not Giving Someone Personal Space (11%)

2. People Not Picking Up After Pets And Kids (12%)

1. Blasting Loud Music (18%)

Do us all a favor, and be a little nicer with each other this summer and everyone have fun!